Global Game Jam 2015

The game jam theme was “What do we do now?”. As soon as we heard it, we looked at each other in pure horror, as the exact same phrase was passing through our minds! After we run around in panic for a minute, we decided to settle down and… grab lunch.

With our minds calmed and our appetite sated, we came up with the concept of GridFall, a co-op living room party game for 2-4 people. To win the game all players have to reach the mysterious rotating hand at the center of a 9×9 tiled grid, by following the correct path! The catch? You can see the path your friends have to follow but not yours! To move forward you have to guide them and be guided by them simultaneously. That is, because you only have 10 seconds to make a move or the tile you are standing on will fall and you have to start over.

Speak up, make some noise and guide each other to the glory of the hand!

Special thanks to Renaldas Zioma, Unity3d developer, who offered us his precious knowledge.