Dragontale at Global game jam 2018

After almost two years away from game jams, we felt that Global game jam 2018 was the best way to rejoin the event that celebrates our love for developing games.Our last engagement with the event was in Global game jam 2015 and we couldn’t wait to feel the adrenaline and excitement that this convention can bring.

Global game jam is the biggest game jam event in the world, where 40.000 fanatics for games get together in more than 100 countries to share experiences and develop games.

This year was the 6th time that this event was taking place in Athens and, alongside with 20 teams, Dragontale had the challenge to create a game in two days. The theme for this year was “transmission” and we came up with the idea of a racing game called “Transracer”. It is a multiplayer game for 2-4 players.

The game was designed to look like a game made by a child where the speedway was made of cardboard that was put together with scotch tape.

From the technical perspective we used an innovative technology called “Airconsole” that gives you the ability to use your mobile phone as the controller of the game. It also gives you the ability to login with your facebook account, so you can have the name and the picture of each player.

The rules are simple: Follow the rhythm of the antennas. Each car has an antenna on top of it and when the antenna is green the player needs to press the beat button in order to accelerate the car.

The boost button is to be used when the car passes through the radiators.There are three types of a radiator(blue, red and green) and each of it changes the rhythm of the antenna and the maximum speed that the cars can reach. The first player to complete five laps wins the game.

And of course we couldn’t forget about the emojis´ button by which you can share your mood while running for your life.

Thássia Campos