We are very excited to announce our new upcoming game: Planetworld!

Even though it is still under development, we are putting all our effort into wrapping up the design and delivering more content and info soon. There are rumors about a kickstarter campaign but the developers refused to verify or reject such statements…

For now we can just say it is a roguelite game that will feature a strong mix of exploration and turn-based battle in a multi-planet universe. Try not to bring (in)famous game titles to mind. We plan to keep it on a smaller planet scale. Take a look below 😉

Planetworld energy planet
Planetworld - Concept art energy planet
Planetworld - Concept art dark planet
Planetworld - Concept art lava planet
Planetworld - Concept art gas planet
Planetworld - Concept art desert planet
Planetworld - Concept art red planet

Below you can see some of the creatures that are part of the planetverse we are creating.

Here are some of Planetworld’s characters. Hero concepts, the Renevant, along with Therion, God of Beasts and Plants.

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