House Rules

Last updated on 19th Jan, 2017.


We want to encourage and facilitate exciting, open and honest discussions in a safe and comfortable online environment. To make this an enjoyable and respectful forum, we will review all comments and we reserve the right to remove comments, at our discretion, where we feel that they are inappropriate or offensive or do not comply with our House Rules.

If you wish to contribute to the vibrant conversations through our page there are some simple but important rules set out below. We ask that you consider these when you visit us and please comment or post responsibly:

  1. Be accurate and honest. Please do no post misleading or inappropriate statements about us, our products and our people. Share your enthusiasm, but make sure you speak honestly and from your own experience.
  2. Keep it light and only be critical if you have your facts straight. We welcome your feedback, both positive and negative, and will endeavour to respond to your comments.
  3. Be clean, not obscene. Don’t post offensive material relating to sex, race, marital status, political or religious conviction, disability or sexual preference.
  4. Use your common sense and stay out of trouble. Monitor and control your language. Be careful with how your portray people. Do not post sexualised images of children. Do not encourage violence. Do not use offensive photos or images. If you are unsure, leave it out.
  5. Don’t include any personal or sensitive information (such as your bank account details, birthday, home address, phone number, driver’s license, or tax file number) in your posts or comments. Also, make sure you understand and are familiar with the terms of our privacy policy.
  6. Don’t infringe other people’s intellectual property. Give credit where credit is due and obtain consent for use where appropriate.
  7. Don’t clog up the conversation with spam. That means no repeat posts or unsolicited ads please.
  8. Be socially aware, sensitive and keep a world view when participating in online conversations. Remember that local posts are published globally. Whilst your post might be relevant and correct in one country it could be considered illegal and inaccurate in another.

Please understand that comments posted to this website do not represent the opinions of Dragontale.

As this is a public forum and participation is voluntary, by posting on our website you grant us and our affiliates the right to use any posted content in any way and in any media without any legal or monetary obligation to the author.